Invitation Envelopes

Choose from our list of invitation envelopes available in a large selection of colors and papers. They are very popular for announcements, greeting cards and invitations.

Foil Lined Envelopes

Foil lined envelopes give your correspondence a distinctive flair.

A-Size Envelopes

A-Size envelopes are a perfect fit for standard greeting card and invitation sizes. This style is very effective at grabbing the recipient's attention since the shape and style make it stand out from ordinary mail. The large flaps provide ample space for printing a return address, monogram, or special message for the recipient.

Baronial Envelopes

Baronial envelopes with pointed flaps have traditional look and feel. They are designed to fit common invitation sizes.

Square Envelopes

Square envelopes give a unique look to your mailing. Their symmetry gives designers more options when creating artwork to have printed on them. Interestingly, the square shape makes these envelopes perfect for round objects such as CDs/DVDs, records, tin signs, etc.