Specialty Envelopes

You'll find envelopes for special needs, such as banking, mailing small items, protecting credit cards, filing documents, and more, here in the Specialty Envelopes section.

Banking Envelopes

Banking envelopes available in many styles, including drive up, coin, and commercial sizes with FDIC inside security tint.

Tyvek Envelopes

Tyvek® envelopes are water, tear, and puncture resistant. They are the most durable envelopes available. Flap-Stik makes envelopes self seal. Light weight helps save on postage costs.

File Jackets

File jackets are great for keeping job information together or filing documents.

Board Mailers

If you need to mail drawings, photos, or other no bend documents then our board mailers are just what you're looking for. They are lightweight and durable. Sealing is easy with their peel and stick closure. The tear tab makes opening effortless.

Credit Card Sleeves

Our Tyvek credit card sleeves are a great solution for protecting your credit cards from scratches that could potentially destroy the strip on the back. You can make your gift cards stand out with our colored card sleeves.

Offering Envelopes

Offering envelopes designed for charities and churches in a variety of colors including the beautiful soft-hued pastels. Sized just right to fit standard bank checks as well as cash. They have a scalloped flap with a half moon die cut out on the back for easy opening.

Bubble Mailers

These bubble mailers are ideal for e-commerce shipments requiring extra protection during shipment. They're constructed with a tough exterior and a strong bubble interior. The Peel & Stick closure provides an easy to use and tamper-evident seal.

Door Hangers

Custom print your marketing message, invoice, or service call information on our versatile Door Hanger Envelope. Our printing capabilities of one to four color process, printed on one or both sides of the envelope, allow you to deliver your company's message quickly and economically.